Friday, April 24, 2009

What the --?!

I AM COOL!!!Seriously, the MMP folder has EXPLODED again. I'm pretty sure I was caught up earlier this morning but now I'm staring at 250 more messages in the folder at CSW.

I'm afraid.

Hold me...

Also, this seems fun:

Ok, I'm getting caught up in the CSW folder now -- sometimes it becomes a chore. It seems to be a lot of hubbub about skulking. Skulking is the "gamey" tactic of assault moving your squads out of enemy LOS and advancing them back into the original hex later in the turn. Essentially you are trading the ability to Prep and AdFire for "invincibility".

I hate these kinds of discussions. Especially when people invoke the "realism" argument, i.e. How realistic is it for troops in war to run away and back to avoid fire blah blah blah?!

ASL, like others of its kind is a warGAME. Stop being dumb. Here's how you can handle it:

1. Don't do it. Get shot up. Prove to the world that you are dumb.

2. Do it but picture any number of visualizations that help you deal with it.

3. Just do it.

I suppose you and your opponent can agree not to "cheese" it by skulking but c'mon. Really. It's a game. And as soon as I figure out what VBM sleeze is I'll make the same argument. War-G-A-M-E.



Anonymous said...

I agreess. Game.

But ASL is almost a living breathing beast. Why can't it evolve and become closer to what people want it to be. If it is ruining some game balance, change it up some. If the NHL can change to rules to suddenly 4 on 4 in OT, why can't ASL change a rule to discourage skulking?

P.S. How did your game go?

Luca Andena said...

Probably because skulking is not ruining game balance at all... it's just there and I'm pretty sure some scenarios are designed assuming the defender is going to skulk. IF he can. Don't forget that sometimes you cannot skulk, because you can't or you don't want to lose that Prep Fire shot opportunity or because you have nowhere to skulk safely.
Peace, gwaedin

scrub said...

Game didn't go as opponent is still very busy. :(