Monday, April 20, 2009

Did you know...?

Hmmmmm... Did you know... ... the Rally Phase?

Some stuff about the Rally Phase (RPh) that are frequently done incorrectly:

1. Both players are active during the Rally Phase, not just the ATTACKER. I remember my first playthrough I thought that the RPh was active player only. Yes, noobs, that means that everyone gets to rally that's stacked with a Good Order leader!

2. All self-rally attempts get a +1 DRM. That's just self-rallying leaders right? Wrong! The ATTACKER may attempt to self-rally one additional MMC without the boxed morale who is not stacked with a leader. The key is additional -- you can't try the same unit twice! (In fact, no unit may attempt to rally more than once a RPh.)

3. All rally attempts may receive a TEM of -1 if done in woods or buildings. It's apparently safer in these sorts of terrain.

4. Leaders may not use their leadership modifier on themselves to self-rally! They are good, but not that good.

5. The +4 DRM for Desperation Morale only applies to Rally Attempts, NOT Morale Checks! Sometimes players like to add that +4 when doing MCs from the IFT. Don't!

6. Don't forget that a natural boxcar on a Rally Attempt (DR of 12) means Casualty Reduction! Your men just went to pieces trying to get it together. Roll low!

I've been meaning to piece a few of these "nuggets" of learning together from the crappy notes I take when playing. Hope they help (and I hope I didn't screw them up!).


Malacandra said...

Probably doesn't hurt to remember that this is the time to try and fix your broken support weapons and guns.

scrub said...

You're right, and roll LOW!

mdnowak said...

The rally phase can be complicated and the source of many disagreements. Remember that a unit can only perform one action during the rally phase and that an action during the rally phase must be done in a certain order.

For example, no retrieving a broke SW and then attempting to repair it, you can only do one. Besides, you can't repair a broken enemy SW anyway. Also, you can't rally a unit then have it attempt to retreive a SW. Rolling for retrieval or repairing of a any SW must be done first during the phase before any rally attempts are made.

In writing this, I am referring the SK rules. There may be differences in full ASL.

scrub said...

You heard him kids, keep that sequence of play handy. 8)