Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Offensive 2010 Bonus Pack in the House!

Speak of the Devil. Look what was sitting in my mailbox today. Winter Offensive 2010 Bonus Pack... Yummy!

Now, before I get into the contents, I must say that the shrinkwrapping resisted all manual attempts to be opened. I had to dig around for a pocketknife. Geez...

Here's the back of the pack. Basically, not only do you get a new awesome mapboard (59) and two new scenarios, two bucks goes to the ALS Association's charity. Nice all around.

Sorry about the glare!

This small scenario pack should just be the first trickle of a deluge of ASL stuff coming out in the next couple of months from MMP. Should be exciting!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Things...

Joe Steadman has posted the Movement Phase primers on

And MMP has announced in their CSW folder that the Winter Offensive scenario pack will be reprinted in the next few months. That means more happy gamers and more happy ALS charities.

Peace out!

Monday, February 8, 2010

ASL Primer Videos

WEB=LINKS, GET IT?Joe Steadman is a steady contributor to the wargaming community, when he isn't busting perps in his day job, and his two most recent videos are ASL Primers. Check them out here on his blog:

UPDATE (Feb 15): Joe has the Rally Phase Primer done up in two parts today. Also, my computer decided that booting from the hard drive was for losers!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

S6 - The fat lady has sung!

It's over and it wasn't pretty! More details later this week as I write up an AAR. Mr. Kastel schooled me and the dice did not feel like disputing it. Regardless, another fun game of ASLSK with another great competitor. I'm a bit rusty on the rules for the long layoff and I relearned a lot of stuff.

Here's another gem:

Self-rallies are 3.1e and proceed before Unit rallies (leader-led) which are 3.1f. A nice subtle difference but something to keep in mind if you're playing competitively.

Overall I'd say that S6 - Released from the East is another good, solid scenario from ASLSK1.

I'm stalking Brian Youse - WO Scenario Pack!

This just in folks!

For us saps who can't make it out to MMP's Winter Offensive they've just dropped the WO Bonus Pack here:

Two scenarios, a new map and proceeds to ALS charity. Go get it!