Tuesday, February 2, 2010

S6 - The fat lady has sung!

It's over and it wasn't pretty! More details later this week as I write up an AAR. Mr. Kastel schooled me and the dice did not feel like disputing it. Regardless, another fun game of ASLSK with another great competitor. I'm a bit rusty on the rules for the long layoff and I relearned a lot of stuff.

Here's another gem:

Self-rallies are 3.1e and proceed before Unit rallies (leader-led) which are 3.1f. A nice subtle difference but something to keep in mind if you're playing competitively.

Overall I'd say that S6 - Released from the East is another good, solid scenario from ASLSK1.


Luca Andena said...

Hi scrub, I saw that you didn't use Russian balance (i.e. the Germans are indeed SS with increased broken morale). Although I won it as a Russian both times I played I think the scenario is strongly pro-German and I would recommend giving the attackers at least the balance (although it's hardly going to change much, generally speaking it's the Russian being broken - slaughtered often is a more true word - and not the Germans...)

scrub said...

I think I broke like 3 German squads. Two of them eliminated from failure to rout and the other rallied easily. No, it wasn't the balance that was the issue. 8)

mdnowak said...

Did you decide to use the Russian reserve SSR? Russians barely won when I sent every Russian unit. Germans barely won when I used the reserve. Toyed with the idea of sending all the Russian units in from the far left and CXing them to attack the leftmost R2 victory building. The Germans would stretch themselves thin if they setup trying to cover the entire long north edge of the board.

scrub said...

If I recall correctly, I used 3 squads, an 8-0 leader and the MMG in the reserves. If I did it again I'd probably do something different.