Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Just finished up the photos for the VOTG2 AAR. Valor of the Guards, well, Stalingrad really, is fast becoming the ASL battleground of choice for Andy and I (and the Prawn). As my marking pile has dwindled to nothing I've refered back to my new ASL notebook, the one I keep AAR notes in and possible future topics for chatter on this blog. The virtual deluge of new ASL stuff has been really impressive of late and I want to comment on it.

I declare this the Summer of Games!

Summer of Games will include mucho ASL(SK) stuff and mucho slaughter of cardboard. If only the combatants of Stalingrad had kept the following handy advice in mind (and lived in England):

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Circle is Complete...

Just got back from TABSCON June 2010 Edition and had another awesome time. I only got in two games. The second was The Pocket at Falaise from ATO Magazine with Lembit Tohver, its developer (great game btw and nominated for a CSR Award). The first was VOTG2 Russe! Drown in the Wolga! with Andy. I'm proud to say I took the peksy Russkies and won a tight one on the last half turn, holding on to the Victory buildings.

Andy, if you've recovered from the game you'll notice the two chits above that I now hold hostage... Face me again, if you dare! (Just kidding, someone found the INF gun and I scoured the floor and found the concealment counter. I'll get them to you next TABSCON!)

AAR to follow...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J2 too!

Nice! Another package full of ASL goodies from MMP this afternoon. It's the J2 reprint!

This is the shiny shrinkwrap on the magazine. The cover of the magazine is a little grainy -- looks like a scan of the original cover...

Ye olde contents slip. This is one fully packed magazine. One and a half countersheets that presumably go with the Kakazu Ridge HASL scenario and map. There's also Chapter Z for the HASL.

Here's the whole shebang. Nice!

And above is a snap of the Table of Contents -- because there's actually a magazine in there!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of Nowhere

If you scroll down to the bottom of the MMP pre-order page you'll find the latest ASL pre-order: Out of the Attic II!

The original Out of the Attic was published in 2003 and ostensibly contained rarer out of print scenarios and interesting articles. Looks like it's enough of a niche that Chas has stuff to fill it up a followup issue.

Of interest for newer ASLers are the "tournament" scenarios -- read as finishable in a sane amount of time -- and the articles which seem to slant a bit towards helping newbs get over the hump (cf. Mike McGrath's Tactics 101 article!).

You know the drill. Go pre-order it!

ADDENDUM: More details here on the scenarios.