Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Just finished up the photos for the VOTG2 AAR. Valor of the Guards, well, Stalingrad really, is fast becoming the ASL battleground of choice for Andy and I (and the Prawn). As my marking pile has dwindled to nothing I've refered back to my new ASL notebook, the one I keep AAR notes in and possible future topics for chatter on this blog. The virtual deluge of new ASL stuff has been really impressive of late and I want to comment on it.

I declare this the Summer of Games!

Summer of Games will include mucho ASL(SK) stuff and mucho slaughter of cardboard. If only the combatants of Stalingrad had kept the following handy advice in mind (and lived in England):


Andy said...

Do you feel like setting up one of the bigger VotG scenarios on VASL?

scrub said...

The First Bid?! I'm scared... hold me.