Sunday, January 31, 2010

SK VASLeague 2010 - Round One GO!

Just wrapped up a great first session (first two turns) with Mr. Larry Kastel in our SK VASLeague Round 1 matchup. There be German SS roaming about here. It's turning out to be quite the bloodbath all around.

As always, I'm learning something new in this game. First, SK3 level errata has been added somewhere along the line that states:

SK3 3.3: "Units enter from off board - either at the start of a scenario or as reinforcements - as directed by the scenario card, including turn and location of entry. Units are set up offboard along the specified edge(s) of the map at the start of their RPh in the player turn of entry.They may not perform any action while offboard except move during the MPh per normal Open Ground movement costs. They must enterduring the MPh or APh of their turn of entry or be eliminated. Roads are considered to extend off board for purposes of road bonus."
Soooooo... basically I and my opponents have being doing this all wrong for a year (ha!). Reinforcements must basically set-up in "virtual hexes" just offboard before entering during the MPh or APh. There you go, more stuff you didn't know...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 Half-Squads - Super Chas Episode

Just checking out my fave ASL podcast and lo and behold, the latest episode features SuperChas, the head honcho of ASL at MMP. Here's their new URL if you've been out of the loop:

Episode 30! I have been a little behind in my listening!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

ASL Journal 8 - for newbs?

Matt Kirschenbaum is over at MMP's Winter Offensive this weekend and got his dirty mitts on a copy of ASL Journal 8. He's posted a nice precis of useful content to the newbs in the Journal here:

Let's be clear here, this Journal isn't for people satisfied with SK-level ASL. If you ever intend on moving "up" to full ASL then you already know the first rule of ASL -- BUY IT WHEN IT'S IN PRINT. But for those of you who need a kick in the pants, it sounds like #8 is going to be great for even us newbs...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Niagara Boardgaming Weekend

Well kids, it's that time of year again...

Last year, as my wargaming revival was in full swing I was alerted to not only TABS but NBW -- Niagara Boardgaming Weekend.

This year, the convention run by L2 primary Art Lupinacci, is being held on February 18th - 21st. It promises to be as good as last year was: games up the wazoo.

If you're in the area I recommend a day or two at the event where a whole bunch of us are planning a weekend of wargaming (and lots of ASLSK!).

CSW Forum:

Check out the site here for more information:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In case you missed it...

MMP's long-awaited new website is currently in testing here:

Thank God.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Desperation Morale - The BLOG!

Mr. Mark Pitcavage, proprietor of, has started a blog! Welcome to the ASL blogosphere (all three of us or so... haha!). Great first post is a review of 2009 for ASLers.

Go now:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Start the New Year off MMP-style!

I AM COOL!!!Brian Youse posted the latest on ASL/MMP stuff coming out in the next couple of months (WO is Winter Offensive) on CSW:

Long and the short of it? This ASL stuff is coming:

ASL Action Pack #6
ASL Journal #8
Doomed Battalions
Operations #54
ASL Journal #2 reprint
(actually going to the printers tomorrow)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now I don't like "resolutions". I think they're kind of dumb. But I do like "Things I want to get done!". Here we go:
  1. Punch out Beyond Valor. Sitting in my closet untouched is the base game. I'm going to hand clip every single counter and post the gory details on this blog. I've got to do it by hand because my C4 Corner Counter broke after doing about 20000 counters.
  2. Do a ASLSK demo. I've been planning on evangelizing the hobby by doing a demo of the game for a local game e-tailer ( who started carrying ASLSK1. Paul Paterson, who runs the website, has a monthly game day where dirty euros get played. I need to get in there and represent!
  3. Write more stuff on this blog in addition to the AARs. I'm considering widening the focus to wargaming in general but you know what? I think I get a few mentions of other things in from time to time so I'm pretty sure this blog will be ASL-centric for the foreseeable future. Any thoughts out there?
  4. Play more. 'nuff said.