Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now I don't like "resolutions". I think they're kind of dumb. But I do like "Things I want to get done!". Here we go:
  1. Punch out Beyond Valor. Sitting in my closet untouched is the base game. I'm going to hand clip every single counter and post the gory details on this blog. I've got to do it by hand because my C4 Corner Counter broke after doing about 20000 counters.
  2. Do a ASLSK demo. I've been planning on evangelizing the hobby by doing a demo of the game for a local game e-tailer ( who started carrying ASLSK1. Paul Paterson, who runs the website, has a monthly game day where dirty euros get played. I need to get in there and represent!
  3. Write more stuff on this blog in addition to the AARs. I'm considering widening the focus to wargaming in general but you know what? I think I get a few mentions of other things in from time to time so I'm pretty sure this blog will be ASL-centric for the foreseeable future. Any thoughts out there?
  4. Play more. 'nuff said.


Todd R said...

Concerning #3. This is a tough one. ASL can be that lifestyle game that takes over all of your gaming. However, most of us play other games as well. I'm sure you have that itch to write about the other games you play. And you should, because you do such a good job at it.

Do you start another blog focused on the other games or just label them as such for each post? Having the focus of One game is nice 'cause you know what you're getting when you come here to read. And the specialization is nice.

What was the original intent for the blog?

Obviously I don't have any clear direction or advice to give you. This is a subject I've considered for some time. How focused should a blog be?

Whatever, your final decision I hope to continue readinhlg your great AARs and thoughts about ASL.

I do know this, your journey through the SK has been interesting and a help getting into it.

Andy said...

Counter clipping? Say it ain't so, Joe!

scrub said...

Todd, yeah I like this blog's focus to be honest. ASL is one sweet game and I think it deserves the coverage.

Andy, I'm going to make my counters look like dimes. Woot!

Talloaf said...

Hey Scrub, Keep this ASL-centric.

You definitely need to go demo the SKs! I've been thinking about the possibility of doing an online demo with VASL. You know the SK contest scenario pack on BGG? All the scenarios are 4 boards. To me that screams of an 8 player game. one player per nationality per board. Though there'd be a lot of kinks to work out to make it a smooth process and enjoyable.

scrub said...

Talloaf, that four board extravaganza sounds like it would scare the poop out of the eurogamers. Hehe.

Todd R said...

I'm unaware of the SK Scenario contest pack. I searched around BGG and couldn't find it, could you provide a link?

scrub said...

Todd, it was under the ASLSK2 files: