Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 'Geeks End o' Year Stats

Aldie, at Boardgamegeek, has posted the Top 100s in all sorts of categories. And I'm on a couple of them!

For Files, I have three entries: Dominion Horizontal Card Box Dividers, Command and Colors: Ancients Combat Reference, and Fields of Fire CC Play Aid. I was a busy beaver.

Even better, in the Session Reports I have six entries! They are for A Most Dangerous Time, Napoleon's Triumph, Unhappy King Charles, Memoir '44 - Hedgerow Hell, and the two ASL sessions posted here on this blog. Woot!

I have no shame in tooting my own horn, those things took a lot of time and effort. Thanks to everyone who thumbed me and I look forward to telling more fun stories of my games on the blog and the 'geek in the new year!

Dominion -
CC Ancients -
Fields of Fire -

NT -
M44 -
ASL D1 -
ASL U15 -

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No surprise to me.