Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Battle of the Bulge

It's the 65th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge today -- one of wargaming's "Biggies". As I'm sitting here pondering which of my Bulge games to play it suddenly struck me that I should have a ASLSK scenario set during the battle right?

Hmmm, a quick flip through the scenario binder shows nothing... S30 Ripples on the Pond is part of Operation Queen that was just before the Bulge... but that's it.

Anyone know of any ASLSK scenarios set during the Battle of the Bulge? Or should I just dig out FAB: Bulge or SCS Bastogne?


Jay Richardson said...

Looks like there are three official scenarios:

* 16 Dec 1944, S4 Welcome Back, Luxembourg

* 16 Dec 1944, S15 Hammer to the Teeth, Germany

* 17 Dec 1944, S12 Over Open Sights, Luxembourg

Questions like this are easily answered with a list like this:

Official ASLSK Scenarios

Andy said...

Or, you can play some of the multitudes of official full ASL scenarios. I'm on VASL when you're ready...

scrub said...

Thanks Jay! Great list!
To my defense, your thread was posted during my hiatus and on the second page of the ASLSK1 threads on BGG. And this is really weird... neither S4 not S15 were in my book for some reason. I think it's because I had them pulled for the VASLeague and never put them back.

Andy, I may have time over the Christmas break for a shoosty.

scrub said...

Yep, found the scenario cards. Apparently I've played S4 and S15! I'm retarded!