Sunday, December 13, 2009

Newbie November... in December...

I HATE Italy! I count myself among the lucky few. That is, the lucky few that can coax a wargame session out of their wife. So I didn't complain much when my wife, who has suffered through Combat Commander, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, and Bravery in the Sand etc, drew the line at ASLSK. One look at the hexes and counters and she shivered in fear.

Well, it only took a year but she broke down the other day and said she wouldn't mind learning it. We tried to get a game going in November but failed -- thanks kids! -- but got in a couple of sessions this past weekend in S1 Retaking Vierville. Long story short, I gave her the American paratroopers and balance and it came down to the last turn as usual in this great scenario. [If you want to see my first AAR from this scenario click here.]

On turn 5, in my last half-turn, I made a run into the village and was hit by THREE DRs of 3. Let's just say I became quite proficient with the upper row of the IFT. It came down eventually to a CC in one of the last victory hexes where three burly paratrooper MMCs pounded the snot out of my one 9-1 leader and elite half-squad. Was it fun? Dude, I played ASL with my wife! Hell yes!

Anyways, it's been just over a year playing this awesome game called ASL and I've got a lot to reflect on. Here's a list of fun things:
  1. I've played about 20 SK scenarios now. Enough that playing S1 again was almost bizarrely easy. I miss my support weapons and vehicles!
  2. I've played just 2 full ASL games (with Andy) and it's been great. Not at all do I feel like I'm in over my head. So, for me at least, SK was a great way to dip my toe in the waters of full ASL.
  3. I have a LOT of ASL stuff.
  4. I have met and befriended a LOT of people through this game.
  5. I cannot wait to see where I am next year with more ASL and wargaming under my belt.

It's been a fun year. For those following along, I hope it's been good to you too. More AARs soon!


Todd R said...

Did she have fun? I played my first full ASL game yesterday. I posted an AAR on the Geek - Thank you for a year of fun reading.

scrub said...

She had fun. Granted I did most of the math for the die rolling so all she had to think about was hitting the target. She said she was not averse to giving S2 a shot... hehe.

Great session report. I notice that Andy's already commented on it.

Denis said...

Whatever the game is she's shown playing, remind me not to play it. She looks as happy as me when I have to do my Taxes. It's great that your wife is playing, any new player is a good thing.

Andy said...

It looks like a game of Hannibal on the table. I'm sure she's looking sad because her dear husband had been crushed by Scipio Africanus and she was looking at him with pity.

scrub said...

Uh, no... uh, she was losing... yeah!