Sunday, January 3, 2010

Desperation Morale - The BLOG!

Mr. Mark Pitcavage, proprietor of, has started a blog! Welcome to the ASL blogosphere (all three of us or so... haha!). Great first post is a review of 2009 for ASLers.

Go now:


Todd R said...

I just posted this too long response at his blog.

"Good summary Mark. I was first made aware of your page when I heard you on The 2 Half Squads podcast. I've just started playing ASLSK1. In fact, I just posted an AAR of my solo play of S3 on BGG.
This next thought will not be original because I've seen comments like it all over the place, but now I'm experiencing it firsthand. SK2 is available, but SK3 is next to impossible to find and apparently the Expansion Pack isn't even in line for the printers. All a real bummer 'cause I've got the bug and I'm itching to buy. And it doesn't look good wanting to get into the hobby when the basics aren't available.

The 3 SKs, the ASL RB, & BV should always be available online and in stores (even bookstores/history Museums?). They should even build up a core group of friendly, marketing minded players to host demo-days at game
shops. In the boxes they could even provide links and email sign-up forms to register as a player. This would then allow them to provide location specific info such as their local demo person etc. To register you would give them the Normandy Bonus Pack just published. Everyone loves Normandy!

The cool thing is that MMP already has a fairly strong web prescence with all the TPP & fan sites that would help promote it. It wouldn't take a lot of effort to create a coordinated Social Media effort around this strategy.

Granted, a lot of the purchases would be people who would get it and then never play, but the exposure would be increased and hopefully moremoney would flow into MMP. I don't expect it would be a flood of more players, but it would provide a more solid foundation to the hobby.

How many people who walk into a Games Workshop store, are treated nice by the well-spoken employee, shown a quick demo game, told how easy it is to get started, then buy the starter set, only to get home never to play again. I'm not saying this is a good thing. Just that it is a price to pay to provide ease odlf access into the world of ASL. Again, I'm not saying there need to be ASL stores, just a small ramp up in availability.

As usual, I've gone on too long, and have said only what has been said a million times. "

scrub, it's official, I'm a true ASLer. I'm complaining and offering free (and worth every penny) advice on how MMP can improve the way they do business!

scrub said...

Hehe, it's very hard to resist sometimes primarily because the answers seem so easy. I have no problem letting Pitcavage be pointman in this battle though.

We ASLers "get it" and we want others to "get it" too. The problems with ASLSK and ASLRB and BV3 availability seem ridiculous to us. That being said, I think that Chas Argent's full-time employ on ASL seems a great step in the right direction.