Sunday, April 19, 2009

VASLeague 2 OR HMGs -- I love them!

It's been a while since I've played some ASL(SK) so I was a bit rusty tonight versus Paul, my opponent in the VASLeague.

Yep, we just started our game in the last 10 days of the two months we had. I laughed -- LAUGHED -- when I heard the VASLeague gave 2 months a round. Now I know why. If it wasn't me then it was my opponent who couldn't scrap together the time. I think that face-to-face play is less likely to be disrupted but for some reason, as soon as ASL moves online all bets are off.

So, we decided at the last moment to play S18 - Baking Bread. (MMP has the map here. ) It's set in my favourite of hotspots, Stalingrad. To make things even crazier, the map is a fraction of the whole in an intense built up area. What is more, special scenario rules put every non-building terrain hex as rubble (+3 TEM, inherent terrain, breaks LOS etc. etc.). So the map is pretty busy. Here's a shot from the middle of the action:

So far it seems pretty even; the balance seems to see-saw between the two of us (I'm German). The HIP Russian gun tore me a new one but my HMG seems to be handled by some German Davey Crockett -- first Allied turn he eliminated two units, CRed a third and, broke two more. That's what I call a severe beating.


Anonymous said...

Been too long since you last post Scrub. I can't wait to extend my 2 game win streak against you a little... ... who said I wasn't keeping score!

See you on the field soon.


scrub said...

Two games? Surely you're hallucinating again...

Luke Sineath said...

I know! I had to drop out of the tournament, unfortunately, because I just couldn't make time for it. My opponent was in Spain and wanted my setup in advance and I never could get to it and think it over. Just didn't happen.

I'm really disappointed, too! I really wanted to play through this thing.

scrub said...

Sorry to hear that Luke. Try again next season I guess. And make time if possible. :)