Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TPBF1 Errata

As inevitable as the tides and the phases of the moon, errata has now been issued for TPBF1. Though our testing procedures here at Triple Point Blank Fire are first rate and thorough beyond belief heavy play of the scenario has resulted in a few clarifications:

1. First, NO UNIT may leave the map for any reason. You cowardly Trainees must face the wrath of Ross Geller or else.

2. Secondly, the Captain Sobel counter has proven to be tricky to balance and we've decided that his current incarnation is too powerful. The above counter should be considered officially superceding all previous versions. Note that Sobel now only passes NMCs and self-rallies on SNAKES! Finally, no HOB applies to Sobel. You cheaters! Good news, those who pre-order the TPBF 10 Year Compilation will receive the reprinted Sobel counter for a mere $4.59. Don't wait, counters don't grow on trees you know... Oh yeah, some git complained about the glitter so it's gone now too.

TPBF is committed to the wholesome enjoyment of shooting others with cardboard proxies. That is all.

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