Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scenario TPBF1 is RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason I've been so busy and haven't been playing as much ASL is that I've been working on a secret project. The finishing touches are done and I'd like to proudly present my very first self-designed ASL (SK-compatible!) scenario:

TBPF1 - Where The Hell Is Everyone?!

Designed to appeal to grognard and total Euro-newb alike, TBPF1 takes the heroism of TV's Band of Brothers' David Schwimmer's Herbert Sobel's crazy antics to new heights of gaming ecstasy. Playtested rigourously ZERO times, this scenario comes with a Bonus, Limited Edition, DTP counter of the infamous Captain Sobel himself (see above -- just right-click and choose the option: "Print As: Die-Cut Counter"!).

Don't be left in the dust as the hordes of wargamers stampede to download their copy here.

Stay tuned for TPBF2 - Curra-Friggin'-Hee, coming SOON!

[EDIT: Here's a link to the file on MediaFire, no logins to GameSquad required: Enjoy!]


Andy said...

ok, now I know what scenario we'll be playing at TABSCon.

scrub said...

It'll be the first playtest!

(Btw, Andy, my sister has decided to get married on the June TABSCon date... But dammit! I'll still be there in the morning if I can.)

Andy said...

Well, tell her to invite me and we'll have a game during the reception.

Josh said...

OK, I'm a little upset about the counter. Schwimmer's glaring smile is burning my eyes out of my skull ;)

Seriously though, great first attempt. Those kind of scenarios are great beer and pretzels games. I wouldn't know, as I don't drink, but...

- CZ

scrub said...

I remember when I first saw "Ross" as Sobel and thought that Band of Brothers was being totally silly. Glad I stuck with it.

Such a GOOD show.

Josh, I'll get to trying out this scenario one day and see if it makes any sense. 8)

Anonymous said...

Scrub. I must play this with you.

I will be Ross, and see if I can single handedly win the war for the Germans.


scrub said...

If Ross wins, we all lose.