Sunday, May 17, 2009


Thanks to a post from Donald Lazov in the CSW ASLSK folder a couple of weeks ago I've been checking out more web links for ASL learners. (The original post is here.)

1. Jeff's ASL Site - Not updated since 2004 but has a tactical tips section and more stuff here: . For example, here are his "Finer Points of ASL":

2. Hans Mielants Page - Primarily known for running some very involved "multiplayer" Solitaire ASL at:

3. Dispatches from the Bunker - A well known ASL newsletter from the New England area of the States. The Dispatches have a nice newbie tips page at the end but the majority of the issues are devoted to full ASL scenarios and articles. Go here:

4. First Fire - I'm certainly not the first ASL blogger but First Fire may be able to lay claim to that here:

5. ASL Wiki - ASL + Wiki = good resource here:

6. Blind Hex - Another ASL Blog here:

7. Dice Tower "Perry Sez" - Perry Cocke is the acknowledged last word on ASL rulings and such rulings are now called "Perry Sez"'s. A collection is here:

8. Laurent M.'s ASLSK Scenarios - Run out of ASLSK scenarios and played TPBF1 a hundred times already? Laurent has a bunch of new ones here:

9. WebGrognard's ASL FAQ - Seems not to have been updated any time recently but included here for completeness:

Some of these links are to sites for more experienced players or people immersed in full ASL rather than the SKs. Regardless, there's a LOT of stuff out there for ASL on the Intarwebs.

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