Monday, May 25, 2009

Bounding Fire Stuff!

I totally forgot I even ordered this stuff months ago when it was announced. Anyways, Bounding Fire Productions, a third-party ASL producer sent me their two latest scenario packs: Beyond the Beachhead 2 and Operation Cobra.

Just thumbing through the contents I think I got my money's worth... lots of full-colour scenario sheets on glossy paper, four SK-style maps, a bunch of overlays from small villages to big double sized ones that seem to be made to straddle two maps at a time! There's a small counter sheet and more three-hole punched notes and even errata for Into the Rubble, a previous scenario pack.

Now I just need to learn full-ASL! Haha!



Luke Sineath said...

I played BFP23 Prelim to Death Night this past Saturday. Pretty basic frontal assault stuff. an aar:
"In the second scenario Joe and I (German) took on Luke and Dave (US). The German attack through the light hedgerow country went better than expected. We moved up to the edge of the hedgerow and I got involved in close combat, lost that when Dave's US troopers fired into the melee hex. Then I turned my MGs on them and broke every American I could see. I then closed in around them and most tried to surrender, but we realized that a scenario special rule had 'no quarter' in effect so I shot the prisoners... Then Joe rolled up our Wespe, fired smoke, got a critical hit with the smoke and everyone thought that it was a waste of a good critical shot for a smoke round. Anyway, Joe had to leave so I took the Germans into the town and started securing buildings for victory points. Dave's personal moral broke at that point and the US surrendered. Joe continued to roll very well all day and his movement and fire continued to be very good to excellent."

scrub said...

Thanks for the quickie AAR Luke! I especially enjoyed the violation of the Geneva conventions... ;)