Friday, January 30, 2009

What's going on?!

I AM COOL!!!Jeez, you don't make a post in a week and even the Prawn jumps on you. Besides whipping him in Twilight Struggle (again) I've been dabbling in other wargames this past week.

There is some ASL news though.

First, View from the Trenches, the British ASL Journal has released their latest issue here.

Secondly, I've had the 2-Half-Squads link me and chat me up -- much to my wife's amusement. If anyone is brand new to ASL(SK) and wants to start at the beginning of my journey start here and just keep running forward in time 'til you get back to the present day. Like a time machine!

Thirdly, my VASLeague game with my fine Italian opponent has been stalled a bit on the start of turn 3 -- I think we've both been hit with the Real-Life Stick. It's an intense game and I'm learning a ton. I'll try to post a progress report soon.

Finally, I'm about 60% through my eASLSK3. I hit it when I have a few moments of time and feel like vegging out in front of a computer.

p.s. I love my dice tower. Even the Prawn can hit the target half the time!

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