Friday, January 23, 2009

Dice Tower - Glamour Shots Edition

Ok, due to popular demand, here are some other shots of my handiwork.

This is the dice tray portion of the tower. I just put down felt because I thought it was cool. Nothing more special than measuring it out and using a thin layer of white glue.

Ya chuck the dice in from the top. I've taken to throwing the dice at the inch or so of back wall and gravity takes over from there. Note the uneveness of the ramps. I say it adds that nice random touch.

No front panel required so it became the bottom. Note the overlap of the front of the tower; this lets the tower perch on the tray felt.

This is a view from the bottom. For those of you who like those things...

This is the transformed version. Essentially the tower is two pieces for easy travel! I should have taken a pic with a ruler so you can see the size. The other pics with dice are good reference. The dice are the standard BIG ones that came with Axis and Allies, not the small ones from the SKs. Also, check out the keyboard in the background. It's not small, but it's not big.

Nothing says geek cred better than a self-made dice tower. Next? Pimpin' it out. (I'll take suggestions.)


Talloaf said...

Have you seen the video posted on BGG under the thread titled "Your Dice Suck"? In order to be truly pimped out you need to get some precision casino dice. I chose 2 reds and a blue and a green. Each player gets his own set, with the red die being the 'colored' die.

scrub said...

Jeebus, that guys is super convincing. Casino dice time...

Thanks Talloaf!