Thursday, January 22, 2009


I AM COOL!!!I've been going on about a dice tower (dice cups - BOOOOORING!!!) and I've been sorely tempted by some of the stuff on eBay and VixenTor. Mrs. scrub even gave me the OK but I said, heck... $60 is a bit much.

I've been hacking up a DIY birdhouse of all things from the local hardware store since September. Last night, in a fit of creativity and craftiness, I put it all together to make my own.

Total cost? $12. (Felt donated from MIL.)

So, out with ye olde dice tray (ASLSK1 box cover):

And in with the new homemade dice tower:

I'd wax on eloquently about satisfaction with creating something with my own hands but really, I'm just cheap. Seriously though, it is fun to make this stuff and the sound of the dice off the wood is cool!


Anonymous said...

I will score many ONE's against your army using that machine.

You should paint it one side the American colours and the other side the Germans.


Todd Reed said...

Is it essentially just two pieces of wood each at a 30-45 degree angle?

Josh said...

I made my own as well. I'd post a picture, but I don't have a good way to get digital ones. Still, I even went so far as to design up some plans for a dice tower using Pro/E (I'm an engineer) and I believe I included some .pdf drawings. Files are on gamesquad in the download section somewhere if you want them...

scrub said...

The original kit was to make a birdhouse with a tray as the bottom piece that doubled as a place to put food.

I basically took the tray part and made it the front tray (it's not connected) and added felt to the surface.

The birdhouse itself had a bunch of panels for the walls and roof which is where I took the extra wood to form the ramps. The three main walls of the house have the ramps inserted, nailed and glued (overkill really) and the bottom ramp (which wasn't long enough) had another piece added at the end.

The bottom of the tower unit itself is the front wall of the house.

I'll post more pictures with close-ups.

Thanks Josh for the plans, I'll look them up.

And Prawn, the tower has already been hexed. You will roll nothing but boxcars.