Friday, January 16, 2009

Lotsa news...

What's up in the world of TPBF?

1. I decided that giving a 9 to ASLSK1 on BGG was kind of being picky. I look at things this way: if I will drop anything else to play your game then your game is a 10 out of 10. So I revised my ASLSK1 score from 9 up to a "perfect" 10. For that matter, I put another very fun game up to 10 too: GMT's Twilight Struggle. Some may argue about its wargame-ness but you can't argue that it's frickin' awesome... Unless you're the Prawn and still getting smoked by me.

2. I'm still plugging away on my eASLSK3. I'm actually learning a LOT this way. I find that just retyping the rules and revising and checking for typos that I am really getting to be proficient with this system. Just putting together the examples and diagrams with VASL screenshots has been very educational. I think I'm about 60% done the whole of the eASLSK3 -- that includes every single word and diagram in that total. When I'm done I'll post a few screenies and start incorporating the errata and possibly scanning and adding the player aids so I'll have a super portable e-version to cart around with the actual counters and maps.

3. I fixed the masthead of the blog. No more ugly orange on light green map. Should be a little more readable now. I'm going to fiddle with it some more later but for now at least the masthead isn't an abomination against man.

4. Going to probably get to my first turns in the VASLeague with my Italian opponent this weekend. We've been bandying about the scenario choice (it's S4 Welcome Back -- I've never played but looks fun -- I'm the Americans) and I've been feeling under the weather. The six hour time difference makes getting hooked up a little difficult but I think we'll get things going very soon. I've gone over my porous defensive set-up and will be sending it off tonight.

5. I'll be teaching the vehicle rules to the Prawn on Monday too. I'm bringing Optimus Prime. He's going to hurl some AFVs around.

6. Winter Offensive (MMP's annual con) is on. Man, I'd love to be there.

7. And the boys at 2 Half-Squads have posted a new podcast. GO GET IT!


Anonymous said...

I can attest to Scrubers illness, yet somehow he managed to clip one million chits, post on his wonderful blog and set of one of the most complicated and exotic defenses known to man. His Italian friend has no idea what array of traps he is getting into.


P.S. My cuticles are much nicer than the Scrubs.

scrub said...

Let's just say I'm very productive on my days off, toddler-assault notwithstanding.

Catherine said...

I can attest to Scrub's commitment to typing up his e-version of the rules and his absolute love of this game. As his wife, I now come a close second to ASL :)
I half expected to wake up this morning and find a note letting me know he'd gone to MMP's Winter Offensive and he'd see me in a few days LOL

scrub said...

That sounds like permission to me. I'm outta here!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Scruber and myself are going to do a special early year post. A top ten, if you would. The worlds ten sexiest famous historical generals.

Stay tuned...


scrub said...

Does famous = sexy?!