Saturday, June 27, 2009


Another TABSCON has come and gone and despite a city-wide garbage strike, the TABBERS have hosted another fun event. Hightlights? The nice weather, the guy who won six raffle prizes, and scrub's first game of full ASL!

Andy who frequents the blog and is a fellow TABBER has been planning my imminent demise in ASL and today he fulfilled his lifelong dream of concurrently teaching an ASL newb the ropes and hanging him with them. Haha! Seriously though, thanks a lot to you Andy! The severe beating was a gentle one. A slightly more thorough AAR is to follow but here's a pic of the scenario, D1 - Guryev's Headquarters, a DASL scenarios! Shiny big maps!

I also got a chance to play Conflict of Heroes (dug it out to teach a new player), and No Retreat!. The latter to teach Kozure and John -- I think they were both impressed that the whole Eastern Front could be played in a reasonable amount of time on a ledger sheet of paper-sized map.

I also dragged the prawn along and he filled in as my substitute in a game of A Most Dangerous Time with Ben. Alas, the prawn discovered too late that housekeepers are not combat troops and his home castle was take by marauding Oda.

Thanks again to Andy for a great time. My brain was suitably mushy afterwards. Thank too to the TABSCon Steering committee. See you guys in September!

Now where the hell is my VASLeague opponent?!


Andy said...

It was a good fight, and I think it was only a timely reinforcement roll and some amazing ROF from my heavy machinegun that kept it from being a rout for the Germans. I'll let you tell the story with the twists and turns of fate, but there sure was some memorable action in Stalingrad that day.

scrub said...

Stalingrad... is there ever a bad day in Stalingrad? (Gamewise!)