Monday, June 22, 2009

TABSCON XIX! Five days to go!

Wheeee! Toronto
is hosting TABSCON XIX this Saturday. I'll be there with the Prawn (probably unless he wigs out and possibly others). I've hopefully got a game with Andy of "real" ASL and I'm game for anything else*. Post a comment!


* - ASLSK, ASL, Combat Commander, CC: Ancients, M44, AMDT, NR!, Kiev to Rostov, Case Blue, SCS Bastogne, blah blah blah...


Andy said...

I'm all set for some brutal Stalingrad ASL goodness. I'll see you there.

scrub said...

Hey Andy, are you good for 9:00am start? (Is that the start time?) Do I need to bring anything?

Andy said...

I'll probably be there closer to 9:30. If you're picky about your dice, bring 'em along. Having your own rulbook is probably a win, and don't forget your crying towel. :-)

scrub said...

Crying towel? It's permanently attached to my dice!