Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's in Rising Sun?

For those of you who don't frequent the user-unfriendly atrocity known as CSW, here's the latest on what's going to be in that frickin' box. It looks like a lot!

- 1,300 ½” counters and 592 5/8” counters (1,892 total)

- boards 34-39, 47 in “Starter Kit” style

- overlays 1-6, B1-B5, Be1-7, Ef1-3, G1-5, GT, M1-5, O1-5, OC1-4, P1-5, RP1-5, Wd1-5, X6

- 32 scenarios: • Smertniki • On The Kokoda Trail • Shoestring Ridge • Bungle in the Jungle • The Eastern Gate • Hazardous Occupation • Red Star, Red Sun • The Bushmasters • Cibik's Ridge • The Rock • Today We Attack • KP 167 • Jungle Citadel • Sea of Tranquility • Hell or High Water • Bloody Red Beach • Grabing Gavutu • Tanambogo Nightmare • Take Two • A Stiff Fight • Battlin' Buckeyes • Broken Bamboo • Last of Their Strength • Munda Mash • OP Hill • Orange at Walawbum • Ramsey's Charge • Shanghai in Flames • Smith & Weston • The Drive for Taierzhuang • Totsugeki! • White Tigers

+ the Sand and Blood CG (Gavutu/Tanambogo)

Source: The Chas

And more! This was from a quote from Brian Youse about how MMP is considering the packaging of core ASL:

The point is to make the system smaller. Easier to keep the core in stock. One PTO module. One Desert module. Hell, if it wasn't too late i'd stick the Americans in with the British and call the module "The Good Guys".

The Ethiopians are going in Hollow Legions which will have the Italians and in all likelihood the Desert and anything else we can squeeze into the box. Despite the fact that I just cringed because I implied the Ethiopians are somehow "core module".

Source: Ultimate Evil