Sunday, May 16, 2010


I AM COOL!!!Brian Youse posted on CSW that the web sale ends MONDAY. Go!


Todd R said...

Ordered. Thanks for the update.

I was thinking about your blog while mowing the yard the other day. (Weird the things that come to mind when doing these things.)

At some point you had discussed whether or not to have other topics in addition to ASL. I came down on the side of focusing. But your writing is so well praised and people seem to enjoy it over on the geek, I've changed my mind and think you should expand your blog to other topics/games.

Of course, you didn't ask. My dad used to always joke and say, "Unsolicited advice... Socrates was killed for less."

Keep it up.

scrub said...

Thanks for saying so Todd. The reality of things now is I barely am able to get any solid gaming in, much less write about it. I'm comfortable with the direction of the blog... I'll shove non-ASL stuff onto BGG as usual.

Oh yeah, what did you buy? Everything ASL? Hehe.

Todd R said...

Yea, all the ASL stuff. Like you. I'm not getting any gaming in lately.

I bought it 'cause the price was good. I don't even own Beyond Valor yet. This was a purchase for the future.

The only games I'll buy in the near future, non-asl, are
Fighting Formations &
Nations at War - White Star Rising

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