Wednesday, August 12, 2009

S19 - Terrain Transformation

S19 - Purple Heart Lane with a few terrain transformations in my paint editor. This is what Carentan should look like in the scenario.


Luke Sineath said...


Dude, I just remembered something. Some links for your learning ASL roll.

About a year before the Richfam tutorials came out, ekted from BGG wrote two blog posts, outlining the basics of SK. They were way helpful to me, and he's a cool guy!

scrub said...

Thanks man!

Luca Andena said...

Hi Scrub... something you may have missed. With VASL you can automatically change terrains from the board setup menu, you may click Terrain SSR and Transform any type of terrain into any other... e.g. all the grain hexes into marsh, as I had to do while playing RPT-19 in the SK league against Jonathan Davis. It is a very useful feature.

scrub said...

Hey Luca, that's weird, I looked and looked and couldn't see how I could do this transformation... I'll check again. I think I just went stupid.