Monday, August 31, 2009

S15 AAR - The long story short...

It wasn't pretty. MartijnV, my opponent, took me apart quite skillfully to make it to the VASLeague Final.

Complete AAR to follow but I just wanted to mention that once again, my game was a super-positive experience. I have yet, knock on wood, to play anyone who wasn't a good sport.

Also, Martijn and I drew quite an audience. Kudos to Lorenzo and ChrisNL who were another set of eyes for us for rules oversights. Again, the ASL community seems to be quite awesome.


Martijn Vos said...

I agree. While our game was a lot of fun, a really exciting and dynamic scenario (though a bit one-sided in who took the beating), what I loved most of all about our game was the people. The audience; you; it seems ASL players are generally fantastic people, and I feel proud of becoming part of this hobby.

When I started (about 9 months ago), I expected ASL to be fun but really complex, and I expected the people to be somewhat stuffy rules-lawyers. Man, was I wrong! I should have started playing ASL ages ago.

scrub said...

I agree. Great community!

Lolo said...

and sure, i will be there to spot the final !
Martijn is playing strong moves and my friend grosbil will have some work to win ;-)