Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Just a bit of news: other than a swath of other wargames I've been playing with the missus (she's in love with Commands and Colors: Ancients) I've been doing a bit of solo ASL. I honestly thought the majority of my time in ASL would be solo so I've been a bit spoiled with all the VASSAL and f2f play I've gotten in.

I've been playing S9: Ambitious Assault. It's a scenario that pits Anglo-American troops against a large group of entrenched Italian troops. The latter are NOT elite by any means. I've gone through 4 turns and the screenshot below is the turn just before the British forces come in.

Events of note? The Italians have gone into Close Combat twice with the elite US paratroopers, taking advantage of some over extension, and won every time. So much for the edge in troop quality. Also, the Italians seem to have an easier time with the VC of just having a good order squad within SEVEN hexes of the town centre. Lots of hills on this map. Oh yeah, and the Italians have broken their HMG. Going to be interesting.

Solo play in wargames seems to be a strong tradition amongst us lonely few. I like it for the slow pace and deep thought I can put into the game. Again, I'm enjoyin the journey and not necessarily he destination. "So you lost to yourself again?" friends ask. No, not really, I prefer to think of it as win/win.

Go play some ASL!


Luca Andena said...

I can't open the image! Something wrong with the link?
I begin playing S9 with Danny Peeters but we never finished the game and now he doesn't play VASL anymore. I had the feeling that the Italians are favoured in this scenario, which is confirmed by ROAR records.
Don't forget that PbeM also allows you to think deeply about the game... ;D

scrub said...

Man, I have no idea why the stupid image won't load. Blogger decides what to make enlargeable, sorry.

Luca, I'll get to S10 asap!

Talloaf said...

Scrub! There's no reason for you to be playing solo, especially with your online publicity. Let's hit up some PBeM. RPT11, full ASL rules. Friendly, practice game.

I think I'm to where I can be the 'teacher' of the few new rules that will come into play.

scrub said...

Talloaf, you're on the To Play list!