Wednesday, March 11, 2009

eASLSK3 Progress & VASLeague Round 2

KABLOOIE!!! Sorry of the lack of news recently. I've been busy playing games other than ASL (double sorry!) and real-life (exploding dryer!) + week before March Break means mucho work for me.

Just wanted to update that I'm still plugging away at the e-version of my ASLSK3 manual when I get the chance and inclination to type.

Again, I can't help but be impressed how much I actually learn when I read and re-type each section. One of the additional benefits is space. MMP seems to have had some sections badly paragraphed and I've had the luxury of reformatting them where they make sense -- adding a lot to readability. Another benefit is that I've been able to add in third-party player aids: in particular, the neat two-pager IFT charts by Ole Bøe available here. Here's a screenshot of the so-far compiled eASLSK3 opened to the IFT page:

Ole ole ole ole ole ole! Here's another page from the eASLSK3, the latest completed section, the Rout Phase:

I guesstimate that given a good chunk of effort the eASLSK3 will be completed in a month. There's only half the Close Combat phase, the Guns section and half the Vehicles left to go. All the pictures and diagrams are all done.

Fun story: I keep mistyping Guns as Funs. Nothing like rules on Machine Funs and Funshields!

Lastly, I've made contact with my second round opponent in the VASLeague -- he's got a doctorate in Math -- I'm DEAD! He's agreed to post some after-action stuff once we're done. We're still in the preliminary stages of choosing a scenario. Anyone with a suggestion that's not S1, S2, S4 or S28?


Jay Richardson said...

> Anyone with a suggestion that's not S1, S2, S4 or S28?

I haven't actually played very many Starter Kit scenarios, but one that I really enjoyed was S13 Priority Target.

It's tough setting up a British defence with that motley crew of defenders and the restrictions on how the three 40mm Bofors can be positioned... and, of course, the Germans can enter from anywhere(s)! But the German player doesn't have an easy time of it either, with lots of Open Ground and Grain hexes between them and their objectives.

There's a lot of interesting analysis that's been posted on this scenario, but I don't like the idea of providing you a link to something if I can't also provide it to your opponent, so I'll leave it at that.

Luca Andena said...

I will have to face another Canadian on round 2... But he also works on Sundays, making it even harder to find a common time to play.

I won S13 against Chris Hofland, myself playing the Allies; actually if you Google for an AAR you're likely to find mine. Chris lost some time while staging his attack but I still had to keep him off until the last turn. However, he didn't manage to capture any of my Guns.
I went for a very concentrated defense, knowing that I had nowhere to rout if things went really bad.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to play someone in SPAIN next. Man.

scrub said...

Thanks guys for the recommendation on S13. I'll see if I can't figure it out on my own and I'll suggest to my opponent. Good thing he's on my continent!

Silprot, just look at it this way -- it's got to be a COOL thing to be able to hook up with people around the world with the common language of ASL.

Talloaf said...

Hey Scrub, if you want to nullify some of the mathiness I suggest S22. That scenario is wide open as far as what units you play with, when you get them, where you set them up. It also has some interesting victory conditions. I'd be surprised if there was detailed analysis of that scenario.

scrub said...

Roger that!

Luca and Talloaf I promised you some PBEM and I swear I'll get something going... March Break baby!!!