Thursday, February 12, 2009

West Coast Melee!

Well gentle readers, I've received an announcement about the West Coast Melee happening in southern California at the end of this month. Here's the announcement itself (as posted to comments in the last post) fron Jon Nishikawa:

Scrub, there's an ASL con called West Coast Melee in southern California at the end of February. There will be several events for new players. Just thought your readers might be interested especially if they live the SoCal area. They can get info at

Price: $25 for one day
Where: Crowne Plaza, Irvine at John Wayne Airport
When: Feb 26 to Mar 1

Do you have an email addy to send info like this to so it doesn't get buried in a comment?
Not sure if I ever mentioned it but my email is (it's now on the sidebar with my profile). is also set up to email me whenever there's a comment posted so nothing is ever "buried". If you want me to spread the word about your ASL event feel free to email me.

I just want to add that if the people at WCM are as great as the ones I met at NBW then you're bound to have a good time. If you're reticent to leave your house and assume everyone else is a raving axe-murderer don't worry, wargamers are just like you -- they want to share the fun and enjoyment of their hobby. Face-to-face gaming is a great dimension to ASL that some never get a chance to experience. Get out there if you can and have a super time. Network and find out that there are tons of gamers out there who may just become good friends. So sayeth the scrub!


skippen said...

Wow...that looks like a blast. The Red Barricades section alone I would love. Too bad I live no where close enough. Have fun!

skippen said...

Bah...just noticed you aren't going either. Too bad. said...
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scrub said...

If I win the lottery tomorrow, I'll be there. With a Speedo.