Sunday, February 22, 2009

A reason to love ASL...

I AM COOL!!! So I'm sitting around marking assignments and waiting to watch the Oscars with Mrs. Scrub and come across a post on the ConsimWorld ASL folders that just makes me chuckle.

Because I totally get it.

With apologies to Mr. Buck Karpowitz who posted the original question on CSW here, read this:

Will wagons galloping while towing take a wreck check EVERY hex because of the +1 for towing. That the way I played it, but I think I might see an argument that the +1 for towing wouldn't be considered 2MF for entering a hex and would not by itself cause a wreck check.

But if there was ground snow, then galloping on the road would definitely cause a wreck check each hex, whether towing or not, correct?

I know a year ago that would have had me running in terror. To quote the NBA's motto, "I love this game".


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I brought a smile to your face. Now if you could help me figure out how to get my damn wagons and 75s off the friggin bedge before the FBs, OBM, 81mm's, MMGs w/ -3 DRM, etc. get me I'd appreciate it!!!


scrub said...

LOL! Love it.