Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Web Links - ASL Scenario Archive & More

First, once again I've updated the Web Links on the sidebar with a really cool site I've recently registered on. It's the ASL Scenario Archive. At first I thought it was just some overwrought site where you could buy a few digitally available scenarios but it's actually something like a database for ASL scenarios in the vein of BGG -- except of course focused entirely on sorting and cataloguing the fifty hojillion ASL scenarios out there. It's intended to complement ROAR.

I've already started to log my plays and upload some photos of my games on the site. I think it's a terrific resource and congrats to Dave Ramsey (?) who is running the show. Awesome work! Check it out guys!

Secondly, I've added http://www.levalet.com/ to the Buying ASL links. It's a Quebec games store that had copies of the Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) for $95 Canadian and I couldn't resist. They were super fast and the shipping was ridiculously low. Canadian ASLers, check it out and Americans, be aware that your dollar is equivalent to gold up here. And Europeans, well, the Euro is pretty nice too.

Thirdly, SIX days left to sign up for the ASLSK VASLeague!

Fourthly, I've been working on the second AAR to S2 War of the Rats. My apologies, the holidays = family time first!

Fifthly, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, to you and yours! Enjoy your time with loved ones and push some cardboard around!



Anonymous said...

Merry x-mas and a happy, asl-rich new year. Keep up the blogging!

scrub said...


Anonymous said...

Scrub, you should also consider Stalag17 for games in Canada. Alan is based in Vancouver and his pricing and shipping is very fair. I only paid $160 CDN (including shipping and taxes) for ASLRB and BV earlier this summer.

scrub said...

Alrighty, I'll check it out! Thanks.