Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starter Kit VASLeague 2009 Sign-Up

I AM COOL!!!Anyone interested in joining up for the VASLeague Starter Kit division, YOU HAVE NINE DAYS left to sign up!

I just signed up having doubled checked my social calender in the new year (nada - loserville!). If you have no idea what you're doing, no opponents for face-to-face, play only by yourself, hate others, are a serial killer or girl, what are you waiting for? VASL is free!

If you're interested check out the post on GameSquad here. You only have to email ecz, the VASLeague Tournament Director: It should be an excellent time. And if you draw me in the opening round I promise not to "Prawn" you, too hard.

[Edit, Enrico just got back to me and the draw has 21 people in it. Let's go ASLSKers! By the way, if you're a VASL virgin like me drop me a line and we'll get a game or two under our belts by New Year's Eve when the draw is done for round 1.]


Anonymous said...

Can't resist.. I'm Italian and I don't know what's the meaning of "to prawn".
I know what a prawn is but.. :-)
By the way, good luck with your VASLeague. ;-)

scrub said...

"To Prawn" in this case is an idiomatic usage of the Prawn's name to indicate that I'm going to beat you badly.

Ex. I will beat you at ASL!
Ex. I will Prawn you at ASL!

Of course this joke only works if you know that I've been beating the Prawn mercilessly every time we've played!