Friday, November 28, 2008

MMP Black Friday Sale

Firstly, Happy Turkey Day to our neighbours in the south! Secondly, MMP is having a Black Friday sale for ONE DAY ONLY on their website. Here's the link:

There's Armies of Oblivion (ziplock only), Action Pack 3, and Beyond Valor -- the latter being a bit pricey at $105... though this might just be the first manifestation of their new price increases. Newbies who are interested in moving up to full ASL, the prices on the first two are ridiculous and the availability of BV right now is pretty compelling. GOGOGO!

[There's also a lot of other older non-ASL games for sale -- for myself, I picked up the awesome Standard Combat Series titles Stalingrad Pocket II, Afrika 2nd Ed., and The Mighty Endeavour.]


recruit2112 said...

First off, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the effort.

The price of BV is pretty steep for a sale. I can't imagine how high the normal price will be, but at least it is available. It is a niche hobby and MMP holds the franchise.

Now if they only would reprint SASL...

scrub said...

Thanks for the comments!

As for BV I was even tempted at that price but I'm sure I still won't quite be ready to leap up to full ASL by the time they reprint.

I'm pretty sure that the price is reflective of their new price hikes for the future -- to be honest, and from what I understand, they haven't raised prices in years and may even be taking a beating on BVs that they sold in the past.

Anyways, they're halfway sold out of them as of an hour ago according to CSW posts. Don't wait too long to buy yourself that Christmas present!

scrub said...

Just as an addendum... The Mighty Endeavour is already sold out so don't wait if you want something!