Friday, November 27, 2009

MMP's Black Friday Sale

I AM COOL!!!MMP is having their yearly Black Friday Sale for US Thanksgiving. It's only 24 hours and is web only so get going -- as of this posting you have 7 hours!

You've got Action Pack 4 and 5, along with Valor of the Guards and Special Operations #1 (it's got a couple of ASLSK scenarios and some great content for other MMP games).

Of the other games I have and LOVE Stalingrad Pocket II, Warriors of God and Storm over Stalingrad. I don't have the other SCS titles but if they are as good as the rest in the series you might want to add them to your cart!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

1 comment:

Andy said...

I ordered VotG. I hope to have it by the next TABScon, if you're interested