Monday, October 19, 2009

Bonus Pack Action

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1! Announced a couple of hours ago here:

The good news, I think, is that ASLSK is getting much love from MMP. Awesome!

ADDENDUM - Back at home, here's some more stuff for you too lazy to get to CSW:

The HOT Box Cover (by Niko Escubi):

Cost is US$10 plus shipping.

Included is THREE scenarios for ASLSK1 level only and one SK-map, a new one, "P". Design credits according to Brian Youse (

I did Clearing Carentan, Chas Argent and I did One More Hedgerow, Ken Dunn did Sink's Encouragement. Ken and I created the map, Charlie Kibler painted it.

Order page is here:


JMcL63 said...

It is a nice looking cover. ;)

Andy said...

Does that guy look like he's wearing his dad's helmet?